Bibles for Journaling

Are the notes in your Bible running out of margin room? Explore our Bibles for Journaling category. Extra wide lined margins in our Note-taking Bibles offer plenty of room for notes and doodles, plus our My Creative and My Promise Bibles take notes to another level with Scripture drawings to color. These devotional Bibles become personal as you add notes and creativity that are strictly yours.

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Bible Journaling Ideas

These KJV Notetaking Bibles and Coloring Bibles from Christian Art Gifts take Bible journaling ideas to a deeper level. There’s no need for a separate prayer or sermon notes journal with these Bibles, as you can jot or draw notes right in the margins. The line art in the coloring Bibles, like a journaling prompt, offers time to think deeply about a verse. With a variety of designs, these Bibles are an artwork in themselves.

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Bibles For Journaling

Notetaking Bible

Never run out of room for sermon or Bible reading notes in these KJV Notetaking Bibles. These 2 ½ inch wide lined margins make room for your notes, and help keep them neat. Record prayers, scriptural connections and insights as you read. Get rid of those scribbled notes on bulletins or church welcome cards and keep all your Bible journaling ideas right next to the verses that inspired them!

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My Promise Bible

You’ll win the prize for best gift-giver when you give a KJV My Promise Bible. These coloring Bibles for adults contain over 500 pieces of line art to color as you meditate on Scripture. With a focus on biblical promises, this Bible encourages like a devotional Bible while giving a creative voice of praise to the reader.

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KJV My Creative Bible

Combine a Bible for Journaling and a Coloring Bible and you’ve got the KJV My Creative Bible. Filled with margin line art to color and lined margins to color, you’ll get the best of both worlds. The result is a Bible with your own drawings plus your notes and prayers right next to the passages you want to remember. And coloring is a great process to help commit the Bible to memory!

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ESV My Creative Bible for Girls

Don’t leave the girls out! Perfect for the tween years, this My Creative Bible for Girls will become her favorite text. She’ll read the Bible, and color in verses that will star with her forever. Looking back when older, she’ll mark the time she spent coloring in particular verses, realizing they’ve become treasured words to her heart. This makes a great coloring Bible gift for girls.

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Wholesale Bibles for Journaling

Are you looking for wholesale Bibles for Journaling? We want your best wholesale experience to be here at Christian Art Gifts. We design wholesale Bibles for Journaling that our customers love so you’ll enjoy stocking and selling them. We offer great wholesale discounts, no minimum orders and free freight over $200.

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