• God Hears When You Pray

God Hears When You Pray



God Hears When You Pray is a delightful book that will help children discover that they can talk to God about anything.

The hardcover book features an endearing illustration of a boy and a girl deeply engaged in prayer. Charming animal illustrations add a gentle touch to the scene. The title stands out in vibrant yellow letters, accentuated by a quaint little yellow bird.

God Hears When You Pray

Featuring adorable artwork, God Hears When You Pray will help parents introduce their little ones to the blessings of a prayer-filled life. The charming illustrations will keep children aged 3-6 engaged as they learn all about talking to God.

God Hears When You Pray is based on Scripture passages about prayer, like Psalm 34 and The Lord's Prayer, that share the blessings and order of praying to God. This book will surely become a cherished keepsake that children and parents can enjoy together.

Add this delightful book to your next baby shower gift, or gift it as a birthday gift for any little one in your life. It is also a beautiful addition to your children, church, or Sunday School library. Even grandparents could use a copy of God Hears When I Pray to share these truths with their grandchildren.

  • Praying children cover design
  • Yellow title
  • Hardcover
  • Full-color pages
  • Adorable illustrations
  • 48 pages
  • Suitable for ages 3-6
  • Size: 8.8" x 8.8" x 0.4" (224 x 224 x 10mm)










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