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Becoming a Follower of Jesus Booklet

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The colorful booklet Becoming a Follower of Jesus is an easy-to-read explanation of the gospel written for young children. Through this booklet, children who may be new to the faith will gain a clearer understanding of just how much God loves them.

The inviting cover design of the booklet shows that the gospel is for all people through the happy faces of children that surround a casual drawing of the earth. The title is printed in black and red letters and set inside a sand-colored frame.

Becoming a Follower of Jesus

The booklet's glossy full-color pages take young readers on a journey that will teach them how to pray, read the Bible, and understand Jesus' message of salvation. Children will also learn how to share their own faith and grow in a relationship with Jesus.

The booklet is small enough to fit into the palm of an adult man, and that makes it a portable outreach tool that does not take up much space. A presentation page at the front of the booklet has space to add a name and a short message.

Written by Dave Strehler, this evangelistic tool provides clear explanations in a relatable style that is ideal for children ages 6-10. Strehler draws upon his 25 years of experience in children’s ministry and is passionate about equipping young people by helping them understand and enjoy reading the Bible.

The Becoming a Follower of Jesus booklet is a must-have for anyone looking to share the gospel with the younger generation and is especially useful in children's ministries, Sunday School, or churches. Keep a couple of copies of Becoming a Follower of Jesus to have on hand to distribute as you see the need arise.

  • Full-color cover design
  • Softcover
  • Full-color printed interior pages
  • Presentation page
  • 32 pages
  • Ages: 6-10
  • Size: 5.9" x 4" x 0.1" (150 x 102 x 3mm)










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